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Pedagogy and Psychology of Education, 2018, № 1


B.D. Krapivin
The pedagogical support of formation of cognitive motivation of the personality of schoolchildren in ecological research activities

J.V. Kuzmina, J.N. Koreshnikova, E.S. Enchikova
The correlation between the teacher’s experience and students’ achievements in primary school

О.Yu. Parfenova
The comparison of two similar-titled stories with the aim to determine the dramatic tale features at primary school

G. Rimondi
Modern methodological approaches in the field of teaching and learning foreign languages. R. Titone’s holodynamic model and its origins


N.S. Avdonina
Innovative educational approaches as an effective factor of developing students’ professional identity

А.N. Bigus
Relevance of technique by D.E. Ogorodnov in vocal training of choir conductors

V.V. Borshcheva
Virtual reality in ELT: Potential of technology

L.I. Burdiyan
Higher musical education: problems and perspective so attachment to the Bologna Process

L.Р. Varenina
Methodical techniques that activate students’ independent work while learning a foreign language

Yu.A. Veselovskaya
Pedagogical conditions for the preparation of the future teacher for the formation of the Internet culture of the student

D.R. Gilfantinova
Psychological-pedagogical model of psychology major graduates’ adaptation to their professional activity

D.A. Deybner
Teaching reading and development of reading skills in a foreign language

D.V. Enygin
Analysis of the essence of the concept of professional training of foreign languages teachers

А.N. Kuzminova
Scientific approaches to the professional training of highly-demanded specialists in the field of education

V.A. Litvinov, V.E. Baumtrog
On the estimation of the effectiveness of departmental institutions

S.A. Poronok
Methodical aspects of professional training of students of musical and pedagogical specialties for educational work

P.P. Rostovtseva, N.V. Guseva, O.S. Soboleva
Adapting students of non-linguistic universities to professionally oriented communication activity

M.A. Yanbukhtina
Training future teachers for guiding reading of primary schoolchildren in the process of continuous pedagogical practice


G.A. Gilev, V.N. Gladkov, V.V. Vladykinа
Mobilization of mental readiness of the performance of the athlete in important competitions by method of suggestive formation of the dominant with the emerging installation

Yu.I. Shcherbakov, V.Yu. Mogilevskaya, E.V. Likhacheva, I.V. Kondratenko
Peculiarities of psychological readiness of students of Transnistria to psychological and pedagogical activity


N.P. Bolotova
Psychological methods of drug, extremism and terrorism prevention among the youth


Alexander Anufriev